Friday, March 21, 2014

Shiny black sewing machine

Look at this little darling!
hand crank machine 1
Machine is about 7 inches high.  It is very heavy!
My sister was recently given this hand crank machine.  Her friend Ruth received it about 1930 and has loved it and used it carefully. 

We would love to know more about it.  Some searching on the web has turned up pictures. Machines similar to this were made in Germany by a company called Muller.  This size is classed as “miniature” or “toy”, although its owner tells us she did a lot of sewing on it.   

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Anonymous said...

Hi Louisa, Sandra here (Joan's daughter). 'm in a few Vintage Machine groups, and I'm sure some of the members could provide tons of info on the little machine. You can find me on facebook, by searching Sandra and my maiden name ;-)

Ginger B said...

Mad for Treadles on FB.....lots of knowledgeable folks there that can help you!

DianneB said...

Hi Louisa,
Maxine sent out the link to your Scrap Quilt blog - LOVE IT.
There is a Facebook page called Vintage Sewing machines. If you want to join they will have info on your machine. Great group with lots of knowledge.
Dianne ( Kelowna )