Make a simple eyeglass case

 Decide how big your case needs to be.  I started with 8 ½” squares to make a case for my large sunglasses.  I used 6 ½” squares to make a case for my smaller reading glasses.

You need three pieces of fabric:  lining, batting, and outer layers.  I chose to decorate the outer layer with a pieced strip.

Place the outer layer on top of the batting and quilt as desired.  (I stitched along both edges of the pieced strip.).  Then stitch around the edges to hold these two pieces together.

Place the outer/batting layer right sides together with the lining layer and stitch along the top.  Press the seam to one side. 

Fold the case right sides together to make a long “hot dog” shape.  Match the ends of the seam.  Stitch the long edge leaving an opening in the lining so the case can be turned right side out later. 

Stitch the ends.  I chose to centre the long seam on one side.  You can leave the seam at the side of the piece if you wish.  Round the corners and trim off the extra fabric.

Carefully turn the case right side out through the opening in the lining. 

Tuck in the seam allowances and pin the opening closed.  Machine stitch close to the edges.  (You could hand stitch this if you wish.)

Push the lining down inside the case and it is ready for your glasses. 

 This is the smaller case. 

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