Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sampler quilt

This year our annual Friends' Challenge required us to use our initials to choose colours, blocks, and quilting designs.  My challenge piece was this Sampler Quilt which was made as a Block of the Month project in the sewing group.  Actually it was more of a Section of the Month -- each month participants were given the dimensions of the next section which they could then proceed to complete using whatever blocks and patterns they wished.  The results were all fantastic, and they were all completely different from one another. 

My version of the sampler uses a number of blocks beginning with D (my middle initial).  You can see Dresden Plates, Diamond Stars, and Delectable Mountains.  

My colours began with L.  I used Lemon, Licorice, and Lead.  And I called the white areas Linen (though that really isn't a colour name, but I liked it!).  

To complete the initials, I quilted with R patterns -- Right Angles, some Round bubbles, and a lot of Random lines.  
I like the way the quilting enhanced these basic little Rail Fence blocks.  

I seldom do a sampler project.  This one was an adventure all the way through and I am pleased that it manages to look reasonably coordinated in the end.