Monday, November 18, 2013

Random Rails

A stack of blue print strips in an odd size – what to do?

Another stack of solid bits seemed to be complementary colours.


I decided to leave some blue strips full size and I cut others in half lengthwise.




Then I made strips from the solids.  This required some piecing and resulted in strips in a variety of widths.





I assembled blocks using a wide blue strip, a narrow blue strip, and assorted solid strips.  The blocks were trimmed to size and arranged in a Rail Fence pattern


The top finishes at 40” square.  A back has been prepared, and this project has joined the queue for quilting. 

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Table Runner for Christmas

Many years ago I swapped strips of Christmas fabrics with internet friends.  Ever since, I’ve been working them into projects and wondering if I would ever come to the end of the pile. 

This year, I’ve made another table runner using those strips, and there are now only a very few left.  Hooray!

I adapted a pattern called Baby Juniper from the new book Angles With Ease published by Anka’s Treasures.  I am calling the trees on my runner Pine Trees, because junipers in this part of the world are not that shape.   The Triangler ruler that goes with the book made cutting the pieces very simple. 




  I completed the runner with some machine quilting.  Now I’m not quite sure what those shapes represent – snowflakes, perhaps? 



It’s great fun to have some Christmas stitching already finished!