Monday, March 6, 2017

On my wall

Last week I came across a bag of fabric samples, donated to the church prayer quilts ministry some years ago, never used.  Nice fabrics, but just pieces, rather than yardage, and in colours and patterns that were very definite -- not easy to combine with other fabrics (and believe me, we've tried!).

So I played a bit and designed a block that could make use of various sizes and wouldn't require any print to touch any other print.  As I cut the pieces I found I needed to piece some of the patches.

Here are a few blocks on the wall.  My first idea is that the white strips will be repeated between the blocks, so the white flannel wall lets me see how this might look.
That's not too bad.  This might work.

 I tried a few blocks against a green fabric.  That green is okay -- so this is a possibility, too.  

Only a few more blocks to put together, then the serious design play can begin!  Perhaps I might frame each block with a white strip, then sash with green?  Or frame half the blocks with white and half with green?  Or revert to original plan -- white strips between blocks and call it done?

I think this is why we keep quilting -- there are so many ways to do something, and really there are no wrong answers!  (And that collection of fabric is almost gone -- just a few small pieces left to go into the strip drawer!)