Monday, April 6, 2015

The other side of the quilt

blog flannel strips
Many of our donation quilts are backed with flannel. The trimmings from the edges of the quilts accumulate and a person really should do something with them!  The pieces are mostly strips several inches wide, sometimes wider.

I try to make use of these for the backs of small baby quilts.  Sewing strips together is a fairly efficient use of time and materials.    Sewing strips together uses materials -- and time -- fairly efficiently.


But even when the pieces are too small to sew together quickly it can be hard to simply discard them.  A few hours of one’s time can produce a backing like this:
blog flannel pieced blocks
Composing the individual blocks and watching them take shape can be great fun!  Of course, one might wonder how practical it is to devote time to constructing the equivalent of a yard of fabric that could be purchased for just a few dollars! 
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