Saturday, June 30, 2012

June’s UFO completed!


I’m delighted to report UFO progress in June! 

Several years ago a friend gave me her mother’s scrapbag full of many tiny pieces from the days of sewing clothing for her family.  I added a few other vintage fabrics and stitched a lap-sized Irish Chain quilt top.

When I learned that my friend was moving away I decided to finish the quilt for her to take along.  The white spaces seemed to call out for a bit of feather quilting.

Irisih chain

Thursday, June 21, 2012



I received the gift of a bag of scraps – not just any old scraps, but African ones!  My sister had the opportunity to shop in a market in Uganda.  She purchased yardage of some fabrics but was also able to buy some small pieces.  She said the vendors were puzzled at her request, but they scooped up the bits from the floor of the stall and let her have her choice.

African scraps 2

Such fun to read the selvages!  This sent me to the internet to find out a bit more about these fabrics.  I was amazed to learn that these “real African fabrics” have a very complicated and international origin.  Here is one interesting article I found.


African scraps drying

I was at first reluctant to wash these precious bits – what if they shrank, faded, were ruined?  Then I realized that these were scraps from making CLOTHING, for goodness sake!  They were meant to be washed.  I washed them gently by hand and hung them outside to dry.  They came out beautifully, except for one piece that melted when I ironed it.  I guess we find polyester even in Africa!

In the process I discovered a few things about wooden clothes pegs!  I found there were at least 6 different kinds in my peg bucket. I’ve had most of them for many years, some were my mother’s.  I know the smaller (cleaner!) ones are new.  I was surprised at the variety of sizes and shapes of holes and the different types of springs.

Clothes pegsThat one on the right with the largest hole worked perfectly on the dowels of the wooden drying rack.  The newer ones with the smaller holes are probably designed for use on a regular clothes line – didn’t fit the dowels at all. Clothes peg 2 Clothes peg 3






Now my head is full of ideas for using my treasures.

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