Sunday, April 9, 2017

A small finish

It is little, but it's done!
Three pinwheel blocks make a little wall-hanging.
I made the blocks one day to try out an idea and then I tucked them away and forgot about them.  When they showed up again I realized they were exactly what I needed.  The finished piece is only seven inches wide and less than twenty inches long.  It fits perfectly into an awkward spot above a set of shelves and it makes me smile every time I see it!

Something else that makes me happy is the new cover for my stash cupboard!  The bi-fold doors have been awkward -- hard to maneuver around when putting tubs of fabric on and off the shelves, not wanting to slide closed smoothly, not opening completely where the shelf beside them is too close.

These closet doors got in the way when I wanted to access fabrics in the corners of the shelves.
I finally realized the doors could be changed!  Off came the doors; up went a rod.  And now the stash is concealed behind a curtain.  The curtain is made from fabric that was brought home from travels by my son -- I think I raised that boy right!!

The curtain pulls open and closed easily. 
Does the curtain keep out all the dust and light?  No, it doesn't.  But a curtain that keeps out MOST of the dust and light is better than doors that kept it all out -- but only if they were closed.  The curtain is nearly always closed (so I can admire the elephants!), and the doors were usually open (because closing them was a nuisance).  So my stash has better protection than it did, and I'm happier!