Monday, December 29, 2014

Simple sewing

Sometimes a girl just has to sew! 

I had some fabric left over from another quilt:

backing fabric

This is the back of a project that I can’t show just yet. The fabric was in a pile received when a family cleaned out their mother’s sewing room and donated most of her stash.  I decided to use the leftovers in a rail fence quilt, 2.5” strips, 6 inch blocks.  A little figuring showed that I could set aside enough for borders and use the remainder for the strips.

Needed something to go with it, and I came up with these:

rail fence fabrics

These were chosen not because they were the BEST fabrics to go with the feature fabric, but because they would work, they had been waiting a long time to be used and there was enough of each one.  The two on the right are both recycled garments.  I spent some time picking out the darts on the flowered shirt.

Here are the blocks on the wall:

rail fence layout

I’m thinking a narrow dark border, perhaps navy or brown, before adding the print.  This will work out to the right size for a prayer quilt, so it will be donated to the quilting group at church.  And before that I can use it as a sample for a beginner’s quilting class coming up soon.