Monday, December 21, 2015

Log Cabin Hearts Quilt

Don’t you just love babies!  The way that each time one arrives there is an opportunity to make a new quilt!  (What?  there are other reasons for loving babies?  Oh, of course, that’s what I meant.)

A precious new little lass in my circle of friends meant I could indulge the girlie side and use some of the pretty pinks and yellows in my collection.  I chose a pattern by Evelyn Sloppy from her book Log Cabin Fever.   The design centres around this sweet little heart block:

I don’t usually follow any pattern exactly, but this one seemed perfect the way it was, even down to the colours shown.  I did rotate my heart blocks so that they all pointed to the centre of the quilt, and I used coloured centre squares for the half blocks around the edge, but otherwise the quilt is just like the one in the book. 

My stash of pastel scraps is (slightly) smaller, and the quilt is on its way to its new home.