Monday, November 18, 2013

Random Rails

A stack of blue print strips in an odd size – what to do?

Another stack of solid bits seemed to be complementary colours.


I decided to leave some blue strips full size and I cut others in half lengthwise.




Then I made strips from the solids.  This required some piecing and resulted in strips in a variety of widths.





I assembled blocks using a wide blue strip, a narrow blue strip, and assorted solid strips.  The blocks were trimmed to size and arranged in a Rail Fence pattern


The top finishes at 40” square.  A back has been prepared, and this project has joined the queue for quilting. 

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Ruth said...

I love the way the solids float towards me in front of the blue and the way you have grouped the warmer blocks.

Michelle said...

That looks great! I love finding ways to use up odd bits of fabric.

Ellen said...

Cute...a great way to use up scraps!