Sunday, March 2, 2014

Brick by Brick


Carlisle bricks

This picture of a brick wall has been in my Inspiration File for some time.  I love the “checkerboard” arrangement of the bricks.  A recent challenge with friends gave me an opportunity to build my own brick wall quilt based on the picture. 

fabric embellished

I began with a piece of red upholstery fabric.  I fused on some bits of batik fabrics, stitched on some gold mesh and added brown netting.  Then I couched various yarns in place on top of that.





I cut this piece of fabric up into squares and rectangles to make the bricks in my wall.  I was delighted to see that each piece was its own little composition.  I stitched them together with “grout” and added more bricks in the “grout” fabric.  Then I quilted it.  I tried to pack down the plain bricks to put them into the background as the collaged bits are the main part of the design.

Embellished bricks

The piece is about 14” by 27”.


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