Sunday, November 29, 2015

Another UFO hits the dust!

I came across a stack of Uneven Log Cabin blocks the other day.  They had been prepared as the demo project/sample for a class, and there they sat as yet another UFO. When a project gets to this stage I often find that the satisfaction obtained by completing it can’t compare with the excitement of starting something new instead.  After all, the adventure is over – I know exactly what this one is going to look like.   So I was very tempted to shove that basket of blocks back out of sight and to tell myself that I would get to it some other time.

But my gaze fell on the wall-hanging that lives above my sewing machine for just such an occasion as this.

if not now

Unable to come up with any reason why “now” was not a good time, and not being able to pinpoint a future point in time which WOULD be a good time, I sighed and undertook the task of laying out and assembling the blocks into a quilt top.

Of course, the job really didn’t take very long!  I did hit a snag trying to decide on borders, but I came up with a solution and soon had a completed top.  I pushed on before I could succumb to the urge to rationalize that once the top was completed it could be tucked away until that hypothetical “right time” might appear.  I found a suitable backing fabric, pieced some batting to the correct size, and soon the quilting was done as well.

Binding was made and applied and will soon be stitched neatly to the back of the quilt. 

A finished project! where once I had only a UFO and some good intentions.  And I’m probably a double winner as regards the UFO count – this one is finished, and working on it prevented me from using that time to start another!

plaid log cabin 


Ellen said...

Congratulations on moving that UFO along to a finished quilt. It looks great!

Nann said...

That's a splendid saying! Too often I find that I have spent more time agonizing about doing a project (quilting or other) than it takes to actually do it. Congratulations on a very fine finish.

AnnieO said...

It is very hard to resist starting something new rather than finishing something old...congrats on a beautiful quilt.

Betty Copping said...

Love both your wall hanging and the quilt! Inspiring stuff! :-D

Ramona said...

Great saying to have hanging in your sewing space! Congrats! on the UFO finish. It's a lovely quilt.