Monday, January 27, 2014

Scrappy Bargello experiment, continued

A few weeks ago I was playing with some old strips from my scrap collection.  See the post from January 13.

At that time I was wondering how these rather dated fabrics would work, especially since I did not take much time to blend them for a lovely colour run.


I now have them all cut and sewn together and I must admit to being rather surprised at how good those fabrics look together.  I chose a wave type of pattern as that would distribute the colours fairly evenly across the top.

The piece does have a definite “late twentieth century” look, perhaps.  Now it needs a border of some kind.  Let’s see what I can find …

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Annie said...

You have inspired me to dig out my old and dusties! I love how your bargello is turning out!

Candace said...

Great idea! I really like how this undulates. Isn't strip piecing a blast! You can do so much with it so fast.