Saturday, January 11, 2014

I’ve joined the Squad!



Quiltmaker’s Scrap Squad, that is! 

I was thrilled to receive an email this week that I have been accepted as part of the six-member Scrap Squad for 2014. 

This means I get to make scrappy quilts and blog about them.  Wait, don’t I do that already?  Yes, but these are extra special scrappy quilts.  One quilt pattern is selected from each issue of Quiltmaker magazine.  The Scrappy Squad members each make a scrappy quilt putting their individual scrappy spin on it.  It will be so exciting to see what happens, because the only thing better than a scrappy quilt is SIX scrappy quilts that began with the same pattern.

I’m hard at work cleaning my way down to the cutting board on my work surface and changing the blade in my rotary cutter.  Can’t wait for our first assignment!


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Unknown said...

Congratulations, Louisa. What fun you will have!

Ann in the UP said...

This is very exciting---for you and for all of us. I look forward to seeing your contribution.

I just subscribed again, since I'm devoted to busting my scrap stash this year, and the scrap component is the main reason.

Here's to inspiration for 2014! I'm counting on you ladies!