Monday, December 9, 2013

A cover for a WHAT?

The oddest request I’ve encountered so far -- could we make a quilt to cover the side of the bass drum at church?  The drum is open, and an old comforter of some kind sits inside to soften the sound (I THINK that’s why it is there).  Whatever the reason, it looks rather ugly and can distract from worship on Sunday morning.
It just so happens that we have some hexagons sitting around, left over from a previous banner project.  So we took some measurements and set to work.
drum cover mockup
I used my trusty Electric Quilt program to draw up a plan to give some idea of layout and size of the hexagons.


Then I printed out a template from EQ7 for the hexagon.  I made a window template from an old file folder so that I could centre the hexagon correctly.

The template was used to make trim seven hexagons to the required size.  The background is ready --  it is a piece of black fabric pre-quilted on the long arm machine.  At the moment the circle shape is defined by a paper template.  When we decide on the layout we want we will stitch the hexagons in place and cut the background to the correct size.  There is plenty of the print fabric for binding.

We still have to work out the method of attaching this to the drum – hair elastics might work. And does it need some embellishment? – that could be added later. 
Of course, if this turns out well, we could find ourselves being asked for more – seasonal drum covers, perhaps?  Coordinating banners for the music stands?  It seemed like such a minor project when we first started!
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carol fun said...

WOW -- this looks like stained glass with the black background. Very pretty and appropriate for church. I'm afraid you have gotten yourself into the position of "no good deed goes unpunished" and you'll be making more stuff soon. Take care!

Rebecca Grace said...

How fabulous! Yes, it looks like stained glass to me, too. I'll bet you're going to be tempted now to make different versions for all of the church seasons to coordinate with other banners and such.

I'm so intrigued that you used EQ for the design. I've been hemming and hawing about this software forever, wondering whether I'd actually use it to make better quilts, or if I would spend so much time learning the software and playing with the computer that I had no time left for quilting at all.

Okay, time to prove I'm not a robot.