Monday, February 11, 2013

Hexagon quilt

When my friend brought me an old quilt top and asked me to machine quilt it with an all-over design my first reaction was horror.  Phrases like “vintage quilt”, “preservation”, “treasure”, “hand-quilting” came to mind.

We examined the top carefully.  The hexagons are fairly large, about 2” on a side.  The fabrics obviously come from a scrap bag.  The centre flower is made from fabric that looks like Grandma’s Sunday best.  One of the outer rows might be Grandpa’s pyjamas.  The solids are very finely woven broadcloth.  There are pieces in the outer corners that seem to be from feedsacks.  The entire top is hand stitched neatly with sturdy white thread. This top was probably intended to become a utility quilt that would have been seen good use in the home. 

The top has sat uncompleted for more than 50 years.  Grandma did not find time to complete it, and neither did her daughter.  Now the grand-daughter is looking to complete her own quilting projects and does not have the time or inclination to take on those started by someone else.  If we did not finish this now, it would have gone back into the cupboard to be dealt with (or discarded) by the next generations. 

So it has been quilted with a panto called “Feathered Hearts” by  Beany Girl Designs. At last the quilt maker’s hard work will be displayed and enjoyed by a member of her family. 


As I worked on this quilt I tried to imagine how I would feel if this is what became of one of my own projects. Though I am making an effort to complete the things that I have started, it is entirely possible that my UFOs could turn up somewhere many years from now.  I think I would be delighted if some were resurrected and put to use.

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Caroline Heinrichs said...

You did an awesome job, bringing back Gramma's work and its lovely!