Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby quilt

A special baby will arrive in our family early this year.  It is my privilege as a great aunt to make a quilt.

In consultation with the baby’s mother I chose a Quilt Maker pattern, one of the Patch Pals series. The mommy liked the penguins best, and because we have been told the baby is a girl I was able to indulge in using a bit of pink in the quilt, which was great fun.



One advantage of having a “mature stash” is that I was able to find a bit of special family fabric to include in the quilt.

The print with the tree and the picket fence is not really appropriate for a wintry penguin quilt. But this fabric was from my mother’s collection and including it here gives the new baby a link to her great-grandmother.



The quilt is finished except for the label, and that awaits the baby’s name.

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Congrats on new babies! Beautiful baby quilt!!