Sunday, April 29, 2012

UFO complete for April


All done, even the binding!  (The label will have to wait until a destination is finalized.)

This quilt was started many years ago in a naive attempt to “use up all the scraps”.  When I pulled it out a few months ago there was a note and a sketch, so I was able to see at a glance what was required to complete the top.  The note was dated 1997.  That means these fabrics were the ones that were old and I wanted them gone – fifteen years ago!  As I studied the top I realized that I still have bits of quite a few of these fabrics in my present collection  – perhaps it is time for some serious stash-busting!!

Prairie Braid scrap quilt

Here is the Scrappy Braid quilt in all its asymmetrical splendour.  As I stitched the columns together, quilted it, bound it, I enjoyed those (old) fabrics all over again. And it was with a great sense of accomplishment that I wrote FINISHED beside this one on my list for this year. 

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Heather said...

This Braid quilt is an inspiring finish for me. I was dreading Judy choosing #2 as that corresponds to MY braid quilt that I have packaged up with 1100 2x5" bricks, 500+ 2x2" squares, 35 triangles and several 7" heart blocks that I designed to alternate columns with. I started all of this madness in the early 90s with calico fabrics?!? then cut and added scraps throughout the years. I have no idea how it will come out (better than the mess I am picturing I hope, LOL), but, again, I thank you for the inspiration! Your UFO came out wonderfully!

Dar said...

Your braid quilt is BEAUTIFUL.!! Looking at it one would never know what era the fabrics are from, nor does it make any difference obviously. It is still beautiful. This should tell us something. Fabric must be like fine wine, it gets better with time.:) I too have lots of 1990's fabric on my shelves. It makes wonderful scrap quilts AND way cheaper than today's fabrics.!

Oddbjørg said...

What a lovely scrap quilt!

WyoPat said...

What a lovely braid quilt--I especially like the alternating light and dark rows.