Thursday, June 7, 2018

More baby quilts

The sewing group has an on-going project of making quilts for the regional hospital.  I find it simple to make class samples in the size needed for preemies. I love how this lets me have projects to show the group, uses some stash, adds to the stack for the babies.  Winning all around!
Lots of 8-pointed stars have been made lately.  Extra donated blocks make a cheerful quilt.
Can't play with diamond stars without making one of these!  Might have used the last bit of that blue Hawaiian fabric, too.

Hunter's Star is another beloved variation of stars made with diamonds.  

Little Memory Quilts -- blankets given to mothers who have lost an infant.  Donated fabrics. 

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Kathy said...

Very lucky babies! (and their mothers. . . )
The Hunter's Star is my most favourite out of these three. Love the colours and the way it is not symmetrical but still so beautifully balanced. You are very good at that!