Monday, October 31, 2016

Pondering the scraps

Lots of things I SHOULD be doing in the sewing room, but this week the overflowing box of plaids caught my eye again.  I decided to work on "just the small bits" and try to get rid of the messy part of the collection.

I cut strips 6 1/2" long and assembled strips of "piano keys".
I made a pile of strips like this -- and most of the plaid pieces were cut a little straighter than this lot!
Then I cut triangles from the strips until I had a good pile. 
I added light coloured triangles to pieced triangles to make blocks.  

There are lots of possibilities for these blocks, and I'm still playing with them to see what they might become.  But I know I don't have quite enough of that gold fabric for all my blocks.  What to do? -- make a smaller quilt?  choose another background and make some blocks with each?  or pull out all the possibilities and go scrappy?  The last choice is what I'm inclined to do, but I need fairly large pieces.  Around here, 8" strips count as yardage, not scrap!

Here are a few of the fabrics that came to light on the first look through the stash.  (These are all a bit darker than the photo would suggest -- the fabric I've used in the blocks already is third from the right.)

One great thing about quilting is that there are really no "wrong answers" -- at the end of the process I'll have a quilt and it will be fine.  I just don't know yet what it might look like!

Meanwhile, here is a project that actually did get finished!
Tiny zigzags.  Blocks are 2" finished.  It didn't use up much fabric, but it is done!!

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AnnieO said...

Love the zigzags, those are sure tiny! I'm contemplating adding flip tiny triangles to some leftover HSTs to make improve corners in a zigzag fashion. Have fun with your stash thinning project!