Monday, January 25, 2016

Working from the Junk Drawer

What do you do with those odd triangles?  I don’t like to mix them with my cut strips and squares.  For years I have ignored colour or size and tossed them all together into a drawer.  When I noticed that the drawer would no longer close easily I decided it was time to USE THEM! 

I proceeded to stitch triangles together into light/dark pairs and trim them to a common size.  As the stack of units grew I decided to make them into Friendship Star blocks.  Each block makes use of 8 units plus a square, and the top will be a sample for an upcoming class.

Original plan was to use ALL the colours, but as the blocks gathered on the wall I started to reject those that didn’t fit in – out went the solid white, the black, the bright yellow.  I can’t say that the final choices of colours actually “blend” in any way, but the top has more unity than I expected it would!
Very Scrappy Friendship Star quilt.

Everything from calicos and vintage prints to florals and metallics in this block.  And there is a repeated fabric in spite of my best efforts to avoid it.
The scrappy border also used up odd bits.
The only part of this top that is not scrappy is the final brown border.

Final tally: 

  • triangle drawer -- slightly less full
  • bin of “bits” -- not noticeably decreased 
  • my level of satisfaction -- quite enhanced by the experience 
 And I have a useful quilt top.

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1 comment:

Ramona said...

Great scrap quilt! Just beautiful. I just finished quilting a Friendship Star quilt.