Monday, October 13, 2014

Playing with blocks and scraps

Sometimes quilters just gotta play!  The Sew Scrappy Club has been playing with the simple little Puss in the Corner Block.

puss corner light chainPuss corner light

It is really just a basic 9-patch with different proportions. 

We’ve discovered that the blocks set next to each other can give some interesting results.

31_Louisa Puss in the Corner

And playing a bit more gives another look.

corner plus lap quilt

I have been working from the scrap bin.  This project used the LAST BIT of several fabrics that have been around for many years.   


Bonnie said...

Really great to see some quilt settings with the block. Puss in the Corner is a very versatile block. Makes me want to go make a few... but I'll be strong and just admire yours.

Nann said...

Simple blocks can make snappy quilts! Congratulations on using ALL of some of those old fabrics.