Saturday, July 12, 2014

Finished at long last

Many years ago (at least 15, possibly 20) as president of our local guild  I issued a challenge to guild members.  Details are vague in my mind, but selecting fabric colours using the first three letters of our names was part of the challenge.  This  gives me L, O and U – from which I somehow produced a piece that includes purple, white, green and yellow.  Perhaps Lavender and Lemon?  What could the others have been?  I remember paging through my dictionary and being elated at finding a U word that fit the bill – I wonder what it was?

At any rate, the piece is finally completed thanks to the contributions of a friend who stitched the hanging sleeve in place yesterday.   The hexagons are patterns from Sara Nephew’s book Stars and Flowers: Three Sided Patchwork

This quilt is one of what I originally thought to make as a 12-month set of hangings to fit the space over the fireplace in the living room. Only eight more to go!!  (I do hope the rest don’t take me 15 years apiece…) 

Mantel quilt 3 hex

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Jean said...

Very pretty wall quilt. It's great that it is finished! Good job!

bAnnana said...

Looks beautiful, Aunt Louisa! If it takes 15 years apiece that means you don't have to change the wall hanging every month, giving you more time to sew :D