Monday, April 21, 2014

Scrappy Stitching

As Spring weather arrives we get the urge to CLEAN SOMETHING OUT.  I tackled a closet and the cutlery drawer before I realized the cleaning could quite reasonably apply to my sewing room.  I turned to my drawer of 1 1/2” strips pulling out all the short pieces (under 10” long) to put  to use in a simple quilt block.

My notes tell me the block is called Scrap Happy, but I did not record the original source.  I found it hard to compose the individual blocks. I could not seem to get darker and lighter fabrics “balanced”, but then I realized that didn’t matter.  Once the top is assembled the overall effect does not rely on the fabric arrangement in any one block. 

Block centres came from the 2 1/2” drawer.  I used lights, darks, mediums more or less as they came.  By the time I had a selection of blocks on the wall I decided I preferred the effect of the lighter fabric in the centre, but I certainly was not going back to change any of the ones that were made.

Sashings were a handful of light strips and squares from the 2” drawer.  It feels wonderful to have those fabrics OUT of the drawer and into a quilt top!  And of course, those drawers are much tidier now!


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1 comment:

Nann said...

What a fun way to use those short strings! Thanks for the idea, Louisa.