Friday, January 27, 2012

First UFO for 2012


I’ve completed the first of the UFO’s on this year’s UFO Challenge List!

Sometime last year I pulled out a small pile of fabrics that “sort of went together” and made the quilt top using the directions I found here for the Double Slice quilt.  The original quilt maker used a Layer Cake (10” squares), but I had yardage and scraps, so I used my 9 1/2” square ruler to cut my starting pieces. 


slice back

I’m very happy with the back of the quilt – I used some “chunks” of plaids that had been taking up shelf space for too long.






The batting was also from stash.  It was a piece of that old polyester stuff that must be about an inch thick.  After wrestling with it on the quilting machine (and losing 5% both lengthwise and widthwise in the quilting), I will certainly be happy to go back to the lovely thin battings we use these days!  The batting did make the quilt nice and fluffy, and I’m sure it will do a good job of keeping someone warm.  The quilt was made for donation and will be finding its way to a new home shortly. 


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dianehobbit said...

A wonderful quilt.

Sharon-IN said...

Great stash buster!

JCnNC said...

Getting them OTL is what it is about for me this year - love this challenge and you have a wonderful quilt. Judy C