Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quilt in a week!

My sister arrived for a visit, bringing with her the extra large suitcase I'd told her would be needed to take back a quilt that was promised long ago. But.... the fabric still looked like this! Fabric for M's quilt


A week later, thanks to many helping hands, it looked like this: Miriam's quilt1

Actually, the quilt was designed and constructed the other way up, but I think it looks good from this angle, too. 

The quilt fit nicely inside the suitcase and the bag was JUST within the weight limits for the trip home.  The recipient has expressed her approval.  We are all proud of our “One Week, One Block Wonder.” 

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Eco-Crazy Quilter said...

Lovely Louisa, reminds me of the old days before rotary cutters!